Marci McCarthy: A Successful Woman in Tech Paying It Forward [#BetterTogether]

TechBridge Blog   Angie Wynne   March 13, 2017   

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.34.55 PM.pngMarch 13th is the fifth annual Marci McCarthy Day, which makes now a perfect time to salute Marci for her role as a TechBridge board member and as a community ambassador with a passion for "paying it forward."

In 2012, Marci received a congressional citation from Georgia Representative Hank Johnson for her work in fostering greater professionalism in the IT security industry and enhancing the efforts of the private and public sectors to protect cyberspace. For her efforts, the 4th Congressional District of Georgia declared March 13th Marci McCarthy Day.

We sat down with Marci to learn more about her story:

When Marci first came to Atlanta, she knew only a few people from Babson College. After getting settled into her new hometown, she met some amazing women from Women in Technology (WIT) who helped her make Atlanta feel like home and build a network of friends and colleagues whom she still remains close to today. She's never forgotten the support she received.

Today, Marci McCarthy is CEO and President at T.E.N., a national technology and security executive networking organization that facilitates peer-to-peer relationships between top executives, industry visionaries and solutions providers through the ISE® Executive Forum and Awards.

Marci believes that with success comes social responsibility. She would love to see more technology and cybersecurity executives "pay it forward" and lend a hand to the nonprofit community by sitting on the board of a nonprofit whose mission speaks to them, by volunteering, or simply by being an influencer for good in the community.

A TechBridge board member since 2005, Marci first got to know TechBridge when she attended our inaugural Digital Ball. It was a celebration and a time to connect with people who share a desire to support nonprofits and help TechBridge make a community impact. As a technology professional, she realized this was how she wanted to make a difference.

Here's a video we think you'll love about how Marci “pays it forward” and the impact her efforts have made in the technology and nonprofit community. 

About TechBridge’s #BetterTogether Campaign

TechBridge is proud to have assisted so many organizations on the front lines of social change in our communities—alleviating homelessness, fighting poverty, helping kids do better in school, making sure seniors get proper meals, and so much more. 

 We created the #BetterTogether campaign so that we can showcase some of the important efforts of the nonprofits and people we’ve worked with. And because social change is a community effort, we also wanted to showcase the generous sponsors, amazing technology partners and tireless volunteers and TechBridge staff who enable us to do the work that we do. 

We feel that these stories exemplify the transformational work that can happen when organizations and individuals work hard—together—towards a common goal. We hope that hearing these stories is as inspirational to you as it is to us.  

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