Global Village Project: Helping Refugee Girls Flourish in a New Land [#BetterTogether]

TechBridge Blog   Angie Wynne   February 01, 2017   

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About TechBridge’s #BetterTogether Campaign

TechBridge is proud to have assisted so many organizations on the front lines of social change in our communities— alleviating homelessness, fighting poverty, helping kids do better in school, making sure seniors get proper meals, and so much more. We provide technology solutions that build the capacity of nonprofits to achieve better results and to form community-based collaboratives that drive measurable and sustainable change.

 We created the #BetterTogether campaign so that we can showcase some of the important efforts of the nonprofits we’ve worked with. We feel that these stories exemplify the transformational work that can happen when organizations and individuals work hard— together— towards a common goal. We hope that hearing these stories is as inspirational to you as it is to us. 

Global Village Project: Helping Refugee Girls Flourish in a New Land

Global Village Project (GVP) in Decatur, Georgia was founded by a group of volunteers in 2009 to serve middle school girls in the refugee community who are new to the United States. The students, who hail from more than fifteen countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, are referred to GVP through other organizations serving refugees and through word of mouth.Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 11.16.58 AM.png

An accredited, tuition-free middle school for girls, GVP helps students learn English and boost reading, writing and other academic skills in small classes with individualized attention. Girls learn about life in the United States and build confidence, as they become part of a close-knit, nurturing community that actively supports them on their journeys.

GVP's mission is to equip its students with the academic and social knowledge needed for success in a high school or equivalency program. And they're succeeding! Ninety percent of alumnae who have completed GVP’s program are now moving successfully through high school or college.

Most of GVP's funding comes from private donations, so it's imperative that GVP be able to handle donor data efficiently. TechBridge met with Global Village Project in 2014 because GVP needed to up their CRM game. We helped GVP implement a custom SalesForce configuration that would allow them to track donors better. The project was sponsored by UPS.

TechBridge salutes Global Village Project for the crucial work that they do. 

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